About Us

SotoTrip, business travel portal was launched by Hyatt Travels Pvt Ltd.

Hyatt was founded in 1996 in Bangalore, India, registered as private Limited company on 08th July 1999. The company started as a business travel ticket agency to service people travelling around the globe for business and leisure.

We are dedicated to being the quality leader in the development and distribution of global travel services and information.

Hyatt has achieved a unique combination of service, excellence and applied technology. By delivering best-in-class technologies, We help clients stay ahead of the changes in the travel industry and plan for the challenges that await them, by providing the best of services to travel managers and travellers. We offer personalized care that lacks in the current fast-paced business world.

At Hyatt, travel management is more than just tickets and reports. It's about people and the partnerships we develop with our associates, clients, suppliers and industry leaders from around the world.

The current position: We have evolved as one of the leading travel management company, and have built a reputation for innovation and integrity.